In 1889 Paris was host to the World's Fair, a meeting of the minds to share art, culture and innovation. It was a coming of age for Paris which had a surprise for the world. The completion of the Eiffel Tower, the tallest structure in the world at the time, marked the beginning of the World's Fair as the world descended upon Paris to view all things new and beautiful.   

At the same time far south of Paris, Rene Laclie and Leopold Raffin founded what is now Maison Rene Laclie. With a charter of innovation the two men always made an effort to stay at the forefront of the Cognac industry. Maison Rene Laclie follows a simple formula. All innovation must be rooted in tradition. At its core are century old techniques melded with forward thinking innovations; conjoining of old world and new world.

In this spirit Maison Rene Laclie presents Blackleaf 1889, a vodka made with centuries old Cognac techniques, a blend of old and new, innovation rooted in tradition.


1889 symbolizes the spirit of Blackleaf Vodka. 

La Tour Eiffel la nuit

World's Fair 1889, Paris FRANCE